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College Knowledge Institute (CKI) is the only affordable online alternative education program that offers the most popular, empowering, and relevant, college-level courses; developed and administered by college professors.

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Please note: As a  fundraising opportunity, our Affiliate Partner program is open only to faith-based organizations, clubs and associations, and other non-profit groups. We will no longer accept individuals, not associated with an aforementioned entity, into our affiliate program. Contact us for more information: support@collegeknowledgeinstitute.org

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Everyone's Essential Education -  College Knowledge Institute's affiliate partner program is an excellent way to monetize your existing customer base and website traffic. Our revenue generating program is most suitable for complimentary service providers; such as academic publishers, teachers or tutors, education bloggers, and other education service or product providers. But, anyone can earn generous revenue by referring prospects to our online courses and posting links to our program pages. It's easy to setup and potentially very profitable! 

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