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Save lots of money by participating in Prior Learning  Assessment (PLA) programs. College Knowledge Institute subjects cover the most popular undergraduate degree core, and elective, courses.

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PLA, and Challenge Exams, allow you to attain college credit without attending the classes. You are well prepared with College Knowledge Institute courses, assessment quizzes, CEUs, and certificates.

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By testing out of several courses, you will get your college degree much sooner. Successfully move forward into a career, business, or more advanced academic training programs. Get started today!

Everyone's Essential Education

College Knowledge Institute | Associate Degree Equivalency Certificate

Our Programs

College Knowledge Institute courses, and programs, are designed to enhance life skills, career success, academic achievement, and personal accomplishment. Our alternative education curriculum offers thirty-six (36) courses and four (4) undergraduate equivalency certificate levels. The College Knowledge Institute program presents courses in a practical sequence; starting with the most popular subjects used for advanced placement exams and prior learning assessment (PLA) credits. Contact us with interest; or for more information.

Course Subjects

College Knowledge Institute program courses are presented in sequence. All participants follow the same sequence. Participants advance into the next course after thirty (30) days. Each course enrollment access is one full year. The first 8-course sequence is: Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy, and Astronomy. Contact us with questions, group rate information, or special offers.

Program Registration: At just $699, College Knowledge Institute program fee is less than $20 per course. Everything included for all registrants. No hidden fees. Click the Limited Time Offer image for a $400 instant discount! College Knowledge Institute additional $400 instant savings!College Knowledge Institute Free Academic eTextbooks

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Free Academic eTextbooks: College Knowledge Institute free academic e-textbooks are carefully selected; they are available in numerous subject areas covering social science, humanities, natural science, engineering, and more. The e-textbooks are written by college professors and published by major book sellers, colleges, and universities. All subjects are related to College Knowledge Institute courses, exams, and certificates.

  • College Knowledge Institute provided me with structure and focus

    "I really appreciate MOOCs; but College Knowledge Institute provided me with structure and focus. The courses are relevant and practical. Now I'm learning something I can use. Low cost associate degree level knowledge. Awesome!"

    Kevin Smith

    New York City, NY

  • I love the CEUs and Associate Degree 
								Equivalency Certificates.

    "I love the CEUs and Associate Degree Equivalency Certificates. Just started my seventh course. I'm reviewing everything I should have learned in college. The price is just amazing."

    Sharon Shapiro

    Miami, FL

  • The College Knowledge Institute program will help me graduate early

    "I start college next year. The College Knowledge Institute program will help me graduate early; possibly with high honors. What a great opportunity to save money and excel! Thank you for developing this program."

    Laura Cox

    Boston, MA

  • We use the College Knowledge Institute program to help our children prepare for college

    "We use the College Knowledge Institute program to help our children prepare for college and life; They are learning a lot; and very fast. Our 12 year old son already has two course certificates; he will definitely graduate high school early. My wife is working on her third course!"

    David Jones

    San Francisco, CA

About CKI

Everyone's Essential Education -  The primary mission of College Knowledge Institute is to assist anyone with attaining relevant college-level knowledge at minimal cost; and without restrictions. College Knowledge Institute programs are appropriate for personal, career, business, or academic success. We use only the best learning resources and assessment tools. All staff are experienced college educators. You can attain an undergraduate degree knowledge level for much less than the cost of an iPhone. Enrollment is limited, so get started today! Access Resources - CKI Brochure - Contact  CKI


"The College Knowledge Institute program is not just a bunch of useless, meaningless, subjects; These are very common, core and elective, undergraduate college courses." Mary W., High School Counselor, New York

College Knowledge Institute alternative academic programs

College Knowledge Institute eTextbooks 

College-Level e-Textbooks 

Learn with e-textbooks used by major universities for similar courses and subjects. College Knowledge Institute courses are modularized by e-textbook chapters, as lessons; and reinforced with summaries of important concepts.

 College Knowledge Institute Quizzes and Exams

Quizzes and Exams

All College Knowledge Institute courses offer quizzes and a final exam. Humanities, science, and social science subject exams and assessments are available.

College Knowledge Institute Certificate Example 

Certificates and CEUs

Participants are issued CEUs, and certificates, for successful completion of each course. College Knowledge Institute offers Associate Degree Equivalency Certificates.

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